Our core values

These values define Evo and everything we stand for


Evo isn't your average gaming community. We're inclusive to players from all walks of life. No matter who you are or how you express yourself, you're welcome to be part of our family and feel at home.


Everything that happens at Evo is always discussed at length with our members and, if relevant for our bigger community, publicized to our audiences on Discord, Twitter and other social media.


We're doing our best to create new and engaging content for our community and are at the forefront of technological advancements when it comes to developing our in-game experiences.

Our main focus

The types of content that Evo provides


EvoSC is the most advanced server controller for TrackMania² and Trackmania servers.
It’s customizable, extendable and open source!
We're also working on EvoSC#, our new modular server controller written from the ground up in C#.


Evo hosts several servers in Trackmania, representing almost every style in the game.
Should new styles arise, we will support them!
We also plan on supporting more games in the future, be on the look out!


Evo hosts several events for the Trackmania community, both online and offline.
We're behind events such as Evo Fullspeed Survival, the XPEvo LAN in Cologne, Germany and also helped run Trackadia in 2022.

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